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post. tag. get rewarded.

How it works


Sign up

Become an ambassador by clicking the link above and sign up with your email address and Instagram username.


Post on Instagram

Take photos of yourself wearing your Roman clothes and post on your Instagram account. Don't forget to tag us in every post @romanoriginals and use hashtag #ROxYou!


Get rewarded

Receive an exclusive reward at the end of each month!

Monthly rewards

First in-feed post

20% off

3 in-feed posts

£15 Site Credit
+ 1 Story: £15 £20

5 in-feed posts

£30 Site Credit
+ 1 Story: £30 £35

post rules and inspiration

Posts must be made from Instagram accounts set to public
Posts must display Roman products, tag @romanoriginals (make sure the tag is visible!) and use hashtag #ROxYou
Posts can only have a maximum of 3 tags, excluding people
Posts must be made from accounts with a previous post history

Frequently asked questions

How do I get rewarded?

We'll send you an email at the end of every month containing your reward! We'll send it to the email address you register with, so make sure to enter this correctly!

What are my rewards eligible towards?

Your reward will be eligible against a purchase made on

When do I get my rewards?

We'll send you an email at the end of every month containing your reward!

How many rewards can I earn in a month?

You'll earn one reward per month, the highest one which you qualify for.

Can I get rewarded on any other social media platforms?

Whilst we'd love for you to share Roman on other social media platforms, at the moment this programme is available on Instagram only.

Are Instagram stories included? What about IGTV and reels?

Only Instagram feed posts (known as 'in-feeds') and stories are eligible for rewards at this time.

What if I don't receive my reward?

Please contact us at [email protected] and we'll get that sorted!

How do I make sure my post is valid?

Check out the rules listed above for guidance on how to ensure your posts qualify for rewards.

Terms and conditions

To be eligible to receive rewards, posts must be made from an Instagram profile with its privacy set to 'public' and must be the same Instagram account used to sign up for the programme. Instagram profiles must have a prior posting history to be accepted to join the programme. Posts must visibly display Roman products, use hashtag #ROxYou and contain a visible and clickable @romanoriginals tag. Excluding people, there must be no more than three tags per post.

For story posts to be eligible to receive bonus rewards, they must conform to the same requirements as other eligible posts outlined above and must be a unique piece of content; feed posts that are re-posted as story content will not be eligible to receive bonus rewards.

Rewards will be distributed via email and can be redeemed against a single purchase made on only. Rewards may only be redeemed against full-price items and excludes items on sale. Participants will receive a single reward each month which will be the highest reward for which they have qualified for. Rewards may not be shared with any other individual. Roman reserves the sole right to determine whether posts validate the criteria for reward.

By joining the programme, you agree that Roman may use any posts you make in participation of the programme for marketing purposes. Roman reserves the right to modify all aspects of the programme at any time.