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Velvet Dresses in pink

Our velvet dress for women series, tailored for luxury and timeless elegance look, are definitely one of the most trending options of this year-end party season. Whether you're looking for a black velvet dress for a classic elegant look or a velvet midi dress in different colours for a more vivid modern look, our selection of velvet dress for women caters to various styles and occasions. Style our velvet midi dress with strappy heels for a polished look or opt for our velvet wrap dress which flatters the figure with its draped silhouettes. Simply add a cropped jacket over your velvet wrap dress or ruched dress to accentuate your waist offer a flattering fit or opt for velvet dress with sleeves like long sleeve velvet dress for a cosy ensemble. Layer a longline coat over your long sleeve velvet dress to keep you warm during chilly days. For a touch of romance, explore our velvet party dresses & evening dresses collection. Our collection of velvet party dresses ranges from elegant long velvet dress to playful short velvet dress featuring glamorous velvet evening dresses & velvet Christmas dress.

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Glitter Stripe Print Velvet Dress

£42.00 (12% OFF)
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