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Longline Jumpers in size 2224

Stay cosy and stylish in our collection of ladies longline jumpers, specially designed for fashion-forward women. These longline knit jumper are versatile pieces that are essential for women’s wardrobe. Whether you pairing your longline jumpers to wear with leggings or jeans, our longline knitwear has all the style you looking for. Our longline roll neck jumper combines elegance with warmth, making it a must-have addition to your winter wardrobe. Style our longline polo neck jumper with a midi skirt for a chic ensemble while womens longline sweater are perfect for a laid-back look. Add texture and style to your outfit with our longline cable knit jumper or style our oversized longline jumper straight leg trousers and trainers on autumn days. Stay warm during the colder months with our womens longline knitted jumper, available in various designs to suit your taste. From fine knit longline jumper providing a sleek and flattering silhouette, making it an excellent choice for everyday wear to longline fairisle jumper to add a unique and eye-catching element to your outfit. We also offer longline batwing jumper which look good with dark denim and boots for a sophisticated and cosy look! Discover the perfect longline tunic jumper for your style in our collection.

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Curve Tiger Print Embellished Longline Jumper

£18.00 (57% OFF)
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Black Curve Wide Sleeve Knitted Jumper
Introducing... Roman Curve
Cream Curve Roll Neck Jumper
Introducing... Roman Curve
Grey Curve Colourblock Knitted Jumper
Introducing... Roman Curve