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Extra 15% Off Everything

Code: EXTRA15


Elevate your winter wardrobe with the timeless elegance and warmth of our collection of knitwear for women. As winter is coming, it's essential for every woman to have a selection of chic and comfortable women's knitwear to stay warm during chilly days with style. Pair our knitted top with a pair of black jeans for a casual ensemble or dress it up by styling it with faux leather trousers. Our ladies knitwear range is curated with an emphasis on both versatility and trend, ensuring you're always on point no matter the occasion. Embrace the warmth with our winter knitwear & jumpers for women for any upcoming occasions. Opt for ladies long line jumpers and pair them with comfy wool trousers and boots for a style that screams Autumn fashion or layer a trench coat over your favourite longline sweater & knitwear for a cosy winter look.

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Zig Zag Print Knitted Cardigan

£40.00 (11% OFF)
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Black Zig Zag Contrast Longline Cardigan
Pink Wool Blend Striped Stretch Jumper
Pink Wave Stripe Cotton Knit Top
Blue Wave Print Pointelle Knit Cardigan
Black Wave Pointelle Knit Cardigan
Blue Waterfall Front Jersey Cardigan
Black Waterfall Front Jersey Cardigan
Black V-Neck Overlap Button Detail Longline Jumper
Purple V-Neck Overlap Button Detail Jumper
Red V-Neck Overlap Button Detail Jumper
Purple V-Neck Button Detail Jumper
Blue Tie Front Stretch Crochet Cardigan
White Tie Front Stretch Crochet Cardigan
Black Tie Front Knit V-Neck Longline Cardigan
Red Textured Yarn Top With Scarf
Blue Textured Striped Jumper
White Textured Stripe Sleeve Jumper
Green Textured Stripe Jumper
Green Textured Stretch Jersey Poncho
Blue Textured Scallop Hem Stretch Jumper

Textured Roll Neck Ombre Knitted Jumper

£35.00 (7% OFF)
[ { "@context": "", "@type": "Product", "sku": "16095781", "productID": "20104", "url": "/textured-roll-neck-ombre-knitted-jumper-16095781", "image" : [ { "@type" : "ImageObject", "url" : "", "name" : "" } , { "@type" : "ImageObject", "url" : "", "name" : "" } , { "@type" : "ImageObject", "url" : "", "name" : "" } , { "@type" : "ImageObject", "url" : "", "name" : "" } , { "@type" : "ImageObject", "url" : "", "name" : "" } ], "name": "Textured Roll Neck Ombre Knitted JumperAssociated Product", "category": "Wardrobe Essentials", "description": "", "offers" : { "@type": "Offer", "url": "/textured-roll-neck-ombre-knitted-jumper-16095781", "availability": "", "price": "35.00", "priceCurrency": "GBP", "priceValidUntil": "", "shippingDetails": [ ] }, "color" : "red", "header" : "PLP", "brand" : { "@type": "Brand", "name": "roman originals" } } ]
Purple Textured Roll Neck Jumper
White Textured Roll Neck Jumper
Yellow Textured Rib Hooded Cardigan
Purple Textured Relaxed Knit Jumper
Blue Textured Pointelle Detail Shrug
Red Textured Pointelle Detail Shrug
Blue Textured Pointelle Detail Shrug
White Textured Pointelle Detail Shrug
Black Textured Multi Stripe Jumper
Green Textured Knit Split Neck Jumper
Black Textured Knit Cardigan Cover Up
Blue Textured Knit Button Detail Stripe Jumper
Black Textured High Neck Knit Jumper
White Textured Fringed Knitted Jumper
Blue Textured Frayed Edge Cardigan
White Textured Cowl Neck Button Detail Jumper
Black Textured Button Detail Longline Jumper
Red Textured Button Detail Longline Bardot Jumper
Red Textured Button Detail Jumper
Pink Teddy Fleece Knit Coatigan

Tape Yarn Detail Cardigan

£22.00 (21% OFF)
[ { "@context": "", "@type": "Product", "sku": "16060288", "productID": "8357", "url": "/tape-yarn-detail-cardigan-16060288", "image" : [ { "@type" : "ImageObject", "url" : "", "name" : "" } , { "@type" : "ImageObject", "url" : "", "name" : "" } , { "@type" : "ImageObject", "url" : "", "name" : "" } , { "@type" : "ImageObject", "url" : "", "name" : "" } ], "name": "Tape Yarn Detail CardiganAssociated Product", "category": "Wardrobe Essentials", "description": "", "offers" : { "@type": "Offer", "url": "/tape-yarn-detail-cardigan-16060288", "availability": "", "price": "22.00", "priceCurrency": "GBP", "priceValidUntil": "", "shippingDetails": [ ] }, "color" : "white", "header" : "PLP", "brand" : { "@type": "Brand", "name": "roman originals" } } ]
Black Tape Stitch Short Sleeve Shrug
Black Stud Detail Longline Pocket Cardigan
Black Striped Scallop Edge Tunic Jumper
Black Striped Print Tie Detail Cardigan
Red Stripe Star Print Stretch Jumper
Blue Stripe Star Print Jumper
Grey Stripe Print Stretch Knit Jumper
Multi Stripe Print Pocket Cardigan
Red Stripe Print Lightweight Jumper
Multi Stripe Print Knitted Jumper
Orange Stripe Print Knit Jumper
Cream Stripe Print Cowl Neck Longline Jumper
Blue Stripe Print Collared Stretch Jumper
Blue Stripe Cowl Neck Button Jumper
White Stitch Detail Knit Cardigan
Black Stitch Detail Knit Cardigan
Blue Star Print Stretch Jumper
Red Star Print Knitted Tunic With Tassel Scarf
Grey Star Print Knitted Tunic With Tassel Scarf
Blue Star Print Knitted Tunic Top With Tassel Scarf
Black Star Print Knitted Stretch Jumper
Grey Star Print Crew Neck Jumper
Pink Star Motif Embellished Christmas Jumper
Black Star Knit Lounge Jumper
Black Star Embellished Long Sleeve Jumper
Cream Split Stripe High Neck Longline Jumper
Black Split Neck Striped Button Jumper
Blue Split Neck Ribbed Knit Dress
Black Sparkle Spot Embellished Jumper
Black Sparkle Pocket Poncho Jumper
Black Sparkle Embellished V-Neck Wrap Jumper
Purple Sparkle Embellished V-Neck Knit Jumper
Black Sparkle Embellished V-Neck Knit Jumper
Red Sparkle Detail Stretch Knit Jumper
Blue Sparkle Detail Animal Jumper
Green Sparkle Cold Shoulder Jumper
Dusk Pack
Black Sparkle Cold Shoulder Jumper
Dusk Pack
Blue Slash Neck Jumper
White Short Textured Boucle Cardigan
Black Short Sleeve Longline Cardigan
Metallic Shimmer Crochet Tie Stretch Knit Jumper
Grey Shadow Floral Border Print Top
Blue Sequin Sparkle Waterfall Stretch Jacket
White Sequin Knit Longline Cardigan
Pink Sequin Knit Longline Cardigan
Metallic Sequin Knit Longline Cardigan
Black Sequin Heart Lounge Tunic Jumper
Purple Sequin Embellished V-Neck Cardigan
Black Sequin Embellished Star Print Jumper
Black Sequin Embellished Fluffy Star Jumper
Black Sequin Embellished Cold Shoulder Jumper
Grey Sequin Colour Block Funnel Neck Jumper
Black Sequin Bauble Christmas Jumper
Blue Scatter Hotfix Knitted T-Shirt
Blue Scalloped Shimmer Knitted Shrug
Black Scalloped Lace Trim Knitted Shrug
Red Scalloped Lace Trim Knitted Shrug
White Scalloped Lace Trim Knitted Shrug
Blue Scalloped Edge V-Neck Knit Vest
Green Scalloped Edge Stretch Knit Shrug
Pink Scalloped Edge Stretch Knit Shrug
Black Scalloped Edge Stretch Knit Shrug
Red Scallop Edge Ribbed Stretch V-Neck Knit Top
Blue Scallop Edge Knit Cotton Blend V-Neck Cardigan
Blue Ruched Hem Chiffon Bolero
Black Roll Neck Wool Blend Stripe Poncho
Black Roll Neck Textured Applique Jumper
Blue Roll Neck Ombre Jumper
Green Roll Neck Knitted Midi Dress
Blue Roll Neck Knitted Jumper Dress
Black Roll Neck Knitted Jumper Dress
Pink Roll Neck Fairisle Knit Jumper
Black Roll Neck Button Detail Longline Jumper
Black Rich Chenille Jumper
Pink Ribbed Turtle Neck Jumper
Dusk Pack
Black Ribbed Turtle Neck Jumper
Dusk Pack
Red Ribbed Turtle Neck Jumper
Dusk Pack
Blue Ribbed Longline Cardigan
Green Ribbed Knit Turtleneck Jumper
Black Ribbed Knit Turtleneck Jumper


Pair our chunky knitwear for women with leggings and sheepskin boots for a winter-ready look or style our knitted top with flare trousers and sneakers for a causal laid-back vibe. Explore the luxurious feel of knitted top that effortlessly blend comfort with chic design, making them ideal for both casual and dressier occasions. Add a satin maxi skirt with winter jumpers for women for a dressy look or pair our winter sweaters with jeans and white trainers for any casual occasion. Stay toasty with our winter knitwear including womens warm jumpers, specially crafted to provide the warmth you need while keeping you on-trend.