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Whether you are heading to a wedding or celebrating a graduation ceremony, our women's occasion wear collection including occasionwear dresses and occasion trouser suits are ready to suit every event in your diary. Make a good impression with our occasionally wear collection. Our selection of elegant women's occasion wear range from glamourise occasionwear to formal yet stylish ladies occasion wear. Style our womens occasion wear with blazer for your next business conference or layer a faux fur shrug over your ladies occasion wear for a touch of luxury in your next gala. Our ladies occasion wear collection comes in different style featuring occasion trouser suits to suit your taste. Style our womens occasion suits with strappy heels for a sleek and modern style. What are you waiting for, now it’s time to browse and fill up your wardrobe with our occasional wear for women edit.

117 items

3/4 Sleeve Rochette Jacket

[ { "@context": "", "@type": "Product", "sku": "15000038", "productID": "139", "url": "/34-sleeve-rochette-jacket-15000038", "image" : [ { "@type" : "ImageObject", "url" : "", "name" : "" } , { "@type" : "ImageObject", "url" : "", "name" : "" } , { "@type" : "ImageObject", "url" : "", "name" : "" } , { "@type" : "ImageObject", "url" : "", "name" : "" } ], "name": "3/4 Sleeve Rochette JacketAssociated Product", "category": "Sale Occasion", "description": "", "offers" : { "@type": "Offer", "url": "/34-sleeve-rochette-jacket-15000038", "availability": "", "price": "45.00", "priceCurrency": "GBP", "priceValidUntil": "", "shippingDetails": [ ] }, "color" : "white", "header" : "PLP", "brand" : { "@type": "Brand", "name": "roman originals" } } ]
White Broderie Tiered Smock Dress
White Knitted Bow Detail Shrug
White Cotton Blend Floral Lace Jacket
White Cotton Embroidery Detail Shift Dress
Multi Petite Embellished Chiffon Tiered Shift Dress
Roman Petite
White Ruched 3/4 Sleeve Blazer Jacket
White Ruched Hem Chiffon Bolero
Multi Abstract Print Maxi Wrap Dress
Multi Floral Print Tiered Midi Dress
Multi Petite Embellished Chiffon Tiered Shift Dress
Roman Petite
White Textured Button Detail Boucle Jacket
Multi Cropped Stretch Trousers
White Petite Tropical Pleat Sleeve Shift Dress
Roman Petite
White Pleated Textured Cropped Jacket
Multi Petal Lace Jacket
Multi Smart Textured Boucle Jacket
White Tiered Lace Detail Maxi Dress
Dusk Pack
Multi Sleeveless Pleat Detail Stretch Dress
White Mesh Longline Kimono Jacket
White Floral Print Ruched Midi Dress

Petite Abstract Tie Neck Tiered Dress

[ { "@context": "", "@type": "Product", "sku": "14542238", "productID": "26972", "url": "/petite-abstract-tie-neck-tiered-dress-14542238", "image" : [ { "@type" : "ImageObject", "url" : "", "name" : "" } , { "@type" : "ImageObject", "url" : "", "name" : "" } , { "@type" : "ImageObject", "url" : "", "name" : "" } , { "@type" : "ImageObject", "url" : "", "name" : "" } , { "@type" : "ImageObject", "url" : "", "name" : "" } ], "name": "Petite Abstract Tie Neck Tiered DressAssociated Product", "category": "Fit and Flare Dresses", "description": "", "offers" : { "@type": "Offer", "url": "/petite-abstract-tie-neck-tiered-dress-14542238", "availability": "", "price": "58.00", "priceCurrency": "GBP", "priceValidUntil": "", "shippingDetails": [ ] }, "color" : "white", "header" : "PLP", "brand" : { "@type": "Brand", "name": "roman petite" } } ]
White Curve Tie Front Stretch Cropped Cardigan
Introducing... Roman Curve
Multi Floral Stretch Bengaline Mini Dress
Dusk Pack
White Lace Bodice Shift Dress
White Abstract Chiffon Hanky Hem Midi Dress
White Textured High Neck Jacket
Multi Zig Zag Halter Neck Pleated Dress
White Floral Lace Gathered Stretch Dress
White Lace Longline Formal Jacket
Multi Floral Print Bias Cut Midi Dress
Multi Floral Print Bias Cut Chiffon Midi Dress
White Spot Bow Detail Blouson Top
Multi Abstract Print Maxi Wrap Dress
White Ditsy Floral Tie Neck Midi Dress
Dusk Pack
White Floral Print Cold Shoulder Chiffon Midi Dress
White Floral Halterneck Chiffon Frill Dress
White Spot Print Button Through Shirt Dress
Dusk Pack
White Stretch Button Detail Blazer
White Knitted Crochet Shimmer Shrug
White Textured Longline Jacket
Multi Floral Print Chiffon Frill Hemmidi Dress
Dusk Pack

Sparkle Palm Print Cut Out T-Shirt

£26.00 (18% OFF)
[ { "@context": "", "@type": "Product", "sku": "19214538", "productID": "16894", "url": "/embellished-palm-print-cut-out-t-shirt-19214538", "image" : [ { "@type" : "ImageObject", "url" : "", "name" : "" } , { "@type" : "ImageObject", "url" : "", "name" : "" } , { "@type" : "ImageObject", "url" : "", "name" : "" } , { "@type" : "ImageObject", "url" : "", "name" : "" } , { "@type" : "ImageObject", "url" : "", "name" : "" } , { "@type" : "ImageObject", "url" : "", "name" : "" } ], "name": "Sparkle Palm Print Cut Out T-ShirtAssociated Product", "category": "All That Glitters", "description": "", "offers" : { "@type": "Offer", "url": "/embellished-palm-print-cut-out-t-shirt-19214538", "availability": "", "price": "26.00", "priceCurrency": "GBP", "priceValidUntil": "", "shippingDetails": [ ] }, "color" : "white", "header" : "PLP", "brand" : { "@type": "Brand", "name": "roman originals" } } ]
White Tailored Longline Boucle Jacket
Multi Textured Tiered Smock Dress
White Spot Print Frill Hem Midi Dress
Multi Curve Shirred Waist Chiffon Maxi Dress
Introducing... Roman Curve
White Floral Print Ruched Shift Stretch Dress
Multi Halterneck Pleated Chiffon Maxi Dress
White Sequin Tie Back Detail Top
Multi Petite Floral Buckle Detail Chiffon Dress
Roman Petite
Multi Petite Floral Print Shirred Tea Dress
Roman Petite
Multi Cut Out Twist Detail Stretch Dress
Dusk Pack
White Floral Print Halterneck Chiffon Tiered Dress
White Floral Print Fit And Flare Dress
White Swirl Print Chiffon Midi Dress
Multi Sleeveless Pleat Detail Stretch Dress
White Stripe Print Frill Detail Maxi Dress
Multi Petite Textured Buckle Wrap Dress
Roman Petite
White Floral Print Cross Front Midi Dress
Multi Floral Frill Premium Stretch Ruched Dress
White Floral Cold Shoulder Luxe Stretch Dress
Multi Floral Belted Maxi Dress
Multi Premium Stretch Floral Midi Dress
White Polka Dot Chiffon Frill Tiered Midi Dress
Multi Frayed Edge Smart Textured Jacket
White Multi Spot Print Frill Hem Midi Dress
Multi Contrast Floral Print Fit & Flare Dress
White Petite Floral Print Chiffon Tiered Dress
Roman Petite
Multi Floral Print Button Detail Midi Dress
White Floral Halterneck Chiffon Tiered Midi Dress
White Poppy Floral Frill Halterneck Dress
White Snake Print Tiered Midi Dress
White Lace Hem Tunic Top
White Cap Sleeve Broderie Top
Multi Sequin Stripe Belted Midi Dress
White Abstract Floral Pleat Detail Trapeze Dress
White Floral Cape Detail Stretch Dress
Multi Floral Print Angel Sleeve Chiffon Maxi Dress
White Fitted Bardot Floral Print Ruched Dress
Dusk Pack
White Petite Cowl Neck Leopard Print Dress
Roman Petite
White Ditsy Spot Print Peplum Vest Top
Dusk Pack
Multi Ditsy Floral Lace Detail Midi Dress
Multi Floral Print Chiffon Frill Mini Dress
Dusk Pack
White Floral Embroidered Detail Dress
Multi Petite Ruched Side Midi Dress
Roman Petite
White Floral Cold Shoulder Chiffon Midi Dress
White Polka Dot Print Tiered Maxi Dress
Multi Satin Contrast Asymmetric Top
Multi Shimmer Sweetheart Neck Midi Dress
Multi Drape Twist Maxi Stretch Dress
White Retro Wave Button Up Top
Dusk Pack
White Petite Leopard Chiffon Frill Tiered Dress
Roman Petite
White Geometric Cold Shoulder Chiffon Overlay Dress
Multi Longline Sequin Stretch Jacket
Multi Sequin Detail Keyhole Stretch Top
White Retro Wave Belted Midi Dress
Dusk Pack
Multi Glitter Zig Zag Zip Front Stretch Top
Multi Floral Contrast Print Midi Dress
Dusk Pack
White Curve Textured Spot Overlay Top
Introducing... Roman Curve
White Retro Wave Wide Leg Trouser
Dusk Pack
Multi Floral Asymmetric Overlay Top
Multi Julianna 3 Piece Occasion Set
Multi Floral Button Through Tunic Blouse
White Wide Leg Side Split Trousers
Multi Metallic Spot Keyhole Detail Chiffon Dress
Multi Glitter Velvet Puff Sleeve Ruched Midi Dress
Multi Stretch Velvet Ruched Wrap Midi Dress
White Curve Floral Belted Midi Dress
Introducing... Roman Curve
Multi Belted Sequin Sheer Sleeve Dress
Dusk Pack
White Textured Cropped Jacket
Multi Floral Print Frill Hem Smock Dress
Multi Floral Print Fitted Scuba Dress
Multi Floral Border Print Tie Front Top
White Sleeveless Asymmetric Necklace Trim Top
White Cold Shoulder Floral Scuba Dress
Multi Plain 3/4 Sleeve Shantung Bolero