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Petite Knitwear

Discover the perfect blend of style and comfort with our petite knitwear collection featuring petite jumper and womens petite cardigan. Elevate your winter wardrobe with our petite jumper tailored to fit you flawlessly while our womens petite cardigan is ideal for layering and adding a touch of sophistication to your look. Style our jumper for petite with legging sheepskin boots for a cosy look while our petite long cardigan for women is designed to complement your frame, offering both warmth and style. Style our petite long cardigan with t-shirt and jeans for a laid-back look or layer petite longline cardigan with faux leather trousers and ankle boots for a stylish extra layer.

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Petite Anchor Embroidered Cardigan

£28.00 (20% OFF)
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Red Petite Sequin Star Embellished Jumper
Roman Petite
Red Petite Fringed Hooded Cardigan
Roman Petite
Red Petite Embellished Stripe Jumper
Roman Petite

Petite Knitwear

Embrace the versatility of a ladies petite jumpers is designed to complement your frame, offering both warmth and style. From petite sweater to petite knit cardigan covering petite midi cardigan and petite waterfall cardigan. Style our petite sweater with a checked midi skirt for an autumn/winter look or show off your collarbone with our petite v neck jumper. Stay cozy and fashionable with our curated selection of knitwear for petites featuring petite knitted jumper like petite cropped jumper and petite striped jumper. Our collection also offers petite winter jumpers & summer cardigan for warmer weather. Discover the best jumpers for petites and redefine winter fashion with pieces tailored just for you.