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"The dress" is a viral meme that launched to stardom on 26th February 2015, when the world disagreed over whether the item of clothing below was black and blue or white and gold. The phenomenon revealed differences in human colour perception which have been the subject of ongoing scientific investigation in neuroscience and vision science, with a number of papers published in peer-reviewed science journals. In popular discourse, the disagreement over the colours was sometimes referred to as "dressgate".

But to us it will always be our Dress that broke the internet.


After 7.6 Million tweets it's time to seperate the fact from fiction

taylor swift
  • 3,622,960 visitors to to in 48 hours
  • 2,214,343 uses of #thedress
  • covered on over 150 networks including bbc worldwide, sky, cnn, fox, abc, cbs, globo tv, ntn24, nippon tv and more...
kim kardashian
  • 70% of people asked actually saw white and gold instead of blue and black
  • 73 million views of #thedress across all social media channels
  • 34 minutes was the amount of time it took for to sell out of #thedress

We even made a #WhiteandGold version that was auctioned off for Charity