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Wide Leg Trousers in white

Elevate your wardrobe with our stunning collection of wide leg trousers for women, designed for the modern woman seeking comfort and style. Our wide leg trousers for women range from chic palazzo pants to high waisted wide leg trousers, we offer a diverse range of options of womens wide leg trousers & pants to suit every taste and occasion. Pair our patterned wide leg trousers like pinstripe palazzo pants & trousers with t-shirt for a smart casual look or opt for our flattering high waisted wide leg trousers & pants. Embrace effortless elegance with our wide leg cropped trousers perfect for summer days or wide leg summer trousers such as wide leg jersey trousers for a cool evening out.

14 items
White Petite Wide Leg Linen Blend Trouser
Roman Petite
White Cotton Blend Wide Leg Stretch Jeans
White Wide Leg Stretch Denim Culottes
White Wide Leg Tie Front Stretch Trouser
White Textured Cotton Wide Leg Trousers
White Petite Linen Tie Front Trousers
Roman Petite
White Linen Blend Stretch Waist Culottes
White Textured Tie Waist Cotton Shorts
White Petite Cotton Broderie Culotte Trousers
Roman Petite
White Curve Plain Crinkle Culottes
Introducing... Roman Curve
White Wide Leg Side Split Trousers
White Petite Wide Leg Stretch Trousers
Roman Petite
White Retro Wave Wide Leg Trouser
Dusk Pack
White Geometric Print Wide Leg Trouser