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Stay stylish with our diverse collection of womens trousers, catering to every occasion and season. Experience the perfect blend of comfort and sophistication with our womens trousers ranging from ladies elasticated waist trousers to ladies pull on trousers, designed to ensure a flawless fit. Style our ladies pull on trousers like Joggers with crop t-shirt for a sporty look or opt for our on trend summer trousers women such as jersey wide leg or flare trouser. Discover the versatility ladies trousers, featuring Cuffed trousers for women and fit women pants that exude timeless appeal. Style our Paperbag trousers for women with blouse and sneakers for a smart casual look or straight leg womens trousers for a professional look.

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Turn Up Stretch Shorts

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Pink Turn Up Stretch Shorts
Pink Cropped Stretch Trousers
Pink Cropped Stretch Denim Jegging
Pink Cropped Stretch Trouser
Pink Petite Wide Leg Linen Blend Trouser
Roman Petite
Pink Wide Leg Tie Front Stretch Trouser
Pink Petite Cropped Stretch Trouser
Roman Petite
Pink Lace Insert Crop Stretch Trousers
Pink Textured Cotton Wide Leg Trousers
Pink Textured Tie Waist Cotton Shorts
Pink Wide Leg Stretch Trousers
Pink Crepe Stretch Straight Leg Trousers
Pink Leaf Print Linen Blend Pocket Shorts
Pink Petite Linen Mix Trousers
Roman Petite
Pink Cropped Stretch Trouser
Pink Wide Leg Tie Front Trouser
Pink Petite Cropped Stretch Trousers
Roman Petite
Pink Tailored Bermuda Shorts
Pink Stretch Knee Length Shorts
Pink Knee Length Stretch Shorts

Lace Trim Stretch Shorts

£20.00 (16% OFF)
[ { "@context": "", "@type": "Product", "sku": "18054017", "productID": "23399", "url": "/lace-trim-stretch-shorts-18054017", "image" : [ { "@type" : "ImageObject", "url" : "", "name" : "" } , { "@type" : "ImageObject", "url" : "", "name" : "" } , { "@type" : "ImageObject", "url" : "", "name" : "" } , { "@type" : "ImageObject", "url" : "", "name" : "" } , { "@type" : "ImageObject", "url" : "", "name" : "" } ], "name": "Lace Trim Stretch ShortsAssociated Product", "category": "Sale Trousers", "description": "", "offers" : { "@type": "Offer", "url": "/lace-trim-stretch-shorts-18054017", "availability": "", "price": "20.00", "priceCurrency": "GBP", "priceValidUntil": "", "shippingDetails": [ ] }, "color" : "pink", "header" : "PLP", "brand" : { "@type": "Brand", "name": "roman originals" } } ]
Pink Petite Turned Hem Stretch Shorts
Roman Petite
Pink Petite Linen Mix Wide Leg Trousers
Roman Petite
Pink Turn Up Stretch Shorts
Pink Tailored Bermuda Shorts
Pink Petite Stretch Crop Denim Jegging
Roman Petite
Pink Curve Aztec Print Crinkle Shorts
Introducing... Roman Curve
Pink Stripe Print Turn Up Stretch Shorts


Looking to refresh your 9-5 wardrobe? Our trousers for women offer all trending piece in the UK. From ankle grazer trousers to black strechy trousers, we’ve got your back. Explore the ease and chic aesthetic of casual trousers for women. Pair our womens pull on trousers with stripe t-shirt or add a pop of colour with our colourful trousers like navy and pink side stripe trousers. Simply add a vest top with colourful trousers to be summer-ready while our tapered leg jeans are perfect for a timeless look. Whether you prefer wide leg or straight leg trousers, our collection encompasses the perfect pieces for your wardrobe. Style our wide leg ankle grazer trousers with jumper and blazer for a polished look.